Chicken and waffles from Union Bistro

  • Chicken and waffles from Union Bistro

It’s Friday again, folks, and this weekend has come not a moment too soon. With the miserably cold weather beginning to relent just a tad, I’m sure many of us look forward to thawing out and returning to our regularly scheduled programming. Sure, it may be a bit damp out there, but don’t let that deter you from making the most of the fabulous culinary adventures awaiting the vigilant food explorer.


Food Feedback Friday means, once again, it’s your opportunity to proclaim your love or disdain for any of our local Arkansas restaurants. We, here at Eat, cherish your wisdom and recommendations dearly, so please don’t be shy and share your experiences with the rest of us.

Recently, however, close followers of this blog have already been teased with many juicy tidbits regarding current and future developments in Arkansas. Similarly, there (unfortunately) seems to be a few too many restaurant closings in our state. All of this, I suppose, is part of the natural life cycle of any regional food scene, but regardless, I’m always a little saddened to see a place close down.


I felt like this might be a good time to review what you all have been chatting about this past week:

What’s coming? We announced some exciting news regarding Travis McConnell’s project, Butcher and Public, coming to Little Rock in the not-so-distant future. Big Orange will be spreading its burger love to Midtowne Little Rock sometime early this summer (and I recently discovered that Scott McGehee is a Yelper…and apparently he really likes this new place called Local Lime). We’re all a little giddy over the thought of getting our very own Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken here in Little Rock…a bit of news first cited by sammy, but further reaffirmed by what the hell. Still waiting on the official word, but I assure you, Michael’s on it. Kat Robinson clues us into the resurrection of Calico County, who promises to keep loyal customers updated to their developments via their Facebook page. Lastly, Goof hints at the arrival of “Mamacita’s,” which looks like it may be replacing the old Height’s Café.


Who’s leaving us? Of course, we’ve already broken the bitter news that Hot Dog Mike will be taking his wieners to Jersey. Cozymel’s bit the dust some time ago. mordy was first to bear the bad news regarding the closing of Redbone’s Downtown. walker22 was first to tip us off to Union Bistro’s closing, but it appears as if they may simply be relocating, as (according to BlackWhiteGray) they’ve left a note on Urban Spoon stating, “Thanks to all our Union fans, but we are closed as of New Year’s Day. Look for us again at another location. Thanks!!!!!!” (And judging by their exuberant use of exclamation points, Union is very, very, very grateful to its customers.) We’ll get you the official word on this soon.

What are we eating? mordy is pleased with the wings at US Pizza, Kevin (a.k.a The Mighty Rib) is won over by Wendy’s, sammy is moved by the muffuletta pizza from Vino’s, and also sings praises to Stagecoach Grocery for their take on the muffuletta, catfish, and potato salad, rooibos and SocialistArkie say you can always count on 4 Square for a healthy meal, and jenniferb loves to carbo-load at La Regional’s panaderia.

Got any more to share? Now’s your chance.