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T.G.I. Food Feedback Friday! We welcome you back to Arkansas’ most fabulous forum for detailing all of your culinary adventures around our beautiful state. Keeping up with all the goings on in our local foodscape can be difficult, but this is our opportunity to unite in the name of food to help keep each other in the know. So if you’ve got some inside information on the uprising of a particular eatery, or a scoop on a local restaurant’s special dishes, here is your chance to clue us in.

Last week’s Food Feedback Friday was chock full of juicy tidbits from restaurants all over the state. Let’s review, shall we? Lemongrass Asian Bistro, a NLR establishment I’ve (sadly) yet to visit is still rustling up some internet chatter, but when it comes to Thai, the Little Rock food cart, kBird, is giving them a run for their money. There’s more pork love for Craig’s BBQ in De Vall’s Bluff, a town that should not be visited without a stop by the Family Pie Shop (which has even received mention in The New York Times). We heard some spicy talk on Star of India and Taj Majal, as well as the dish on fish, including rainbow trout and fried catfish, from the Capital Bar and Grill. There’s a new Italian joint in Monticello named Panorama, but there was a lot of praise for Italian staples, Vesuvio and Capeo; the latter is apparently offering an excellent elk scaloppini. We got a report on the spooning that went down last weekend at Loblolly Creamery, where they introduced the new flavors they’ve developed after returning from “Ice Cream University.” (The Mighty Rib has also posted an exceptional report on this sweet new development.) We heard some early words on the Antunes’ menu at Ashley’s, as Michael also detailed here after a recent visit. Lastly, we got wind of some blueberry pie worth braggin’ about at Oark General Store in Oark.

Got some succulent secret you’d like to share? Now’s your chance.