Flint Eastwood played Round 2 of the Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase pic

  • brian chilson
  • Flint Eastwood played Round 2 of the Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase.

Little Rock quintet Flint Eastwood undoubtedly brought the most musically eclectic set of Round 2 of the Times Musicians Showcase. Frontman Malik Flint seemed like he was born to hold a mic, and the rest of the band provided fluid and unconventional backing.


Their fusion of indie rock and hip-hop impressed the panel of judges, especially Mandy McBryde, who wrote, “This sound is so new. I love this band and want to hear so much more of them.”

Grayson Shelton heard similarities with Fayetteville jam/funk ensemble Cadillac Jackson and live hip-hop outfit Hardaway & The Commoners, also of Fayetteville. He noted that he’d like to hear more sounds in the mix, suggesting perhaps horn players or another guitarist, writing, “The point: More toys!”


Guest judge Rodney Block appreciated the variety in Flint Eastwood’s set. “Very smooth lyricist,” he wrote of Flint. “Very Kid Cudi-like.” Block too said he’d like to hear more guitar, but overall, he said it was “swank hip-hop music” from ” a very precise group of musicians.” Judge CT wrote: “Nice, different, very good. Certain songs really hit hard.”

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