The Dirty Heads played at Juanitas on Valentines Day pic

  • Erin Holland
  • The Dirty Heads played at Juanita’s on Valentine’s Day.

Last week, Huntington Beach, Calif. reggae/hip-hop/alternative rock hybrid The Dirty Heads decided they would show some love to Little Rock on Valentine’s Day. Just the second stop on their month-long national tour with Shiny Toy Guns, Midi Matilda and Oh No Fiasco, the boys kept the momentum going strong from late night into the early morning, captivating the Juanita’s crowd with their infectious blend of alternative rock, Sublime-y reggae melodies, buoyant acoustic pop and spitfire hip-hop cloaked in a palpable, carefree So-Cal vibe.

The Dirty Heads are one of those bands that are nearly impossible to categorize under one genre. While it’s obvious who many of their influences are — they sound like the Beastie Boys and Sublime had a love child who grew up holed up in his bedroom listening to Eminem — there is a distinctly sunny, lighthearted feel to their music. Most of songs, in one way or another, encourage the audience to let go of the stress, anxiety and general negativity that weighs them down in the rat race of life, ignore those who don’t appreciate the unique beauty in all of us and, even if only for the night, kick back, have a drink and let the warm waves of their breezy tunes wash over you in a state of relaxed bliss.

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