Collin vs. Adam played Round 5 of the Showcase pic

Closing out the semifinals of the 2013 Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase was Collin vs. Adam, now a trio, after the tragic death of bassist Mason Mauldin in January.


The founding duo of Adam Hogg and Collin Buchanan clearly have a vision, with their hybrid of hypnotic post-punk and synth-pop. Drummer Mike Motley is practically a human metronome. No fewer than three other people used that exact term to describe him while watching the band’s set. That rhythmic precision proved to be a critical component.

Showcase judge Grayson Shelton wrote, “Great vocals, great sound.” CT wrote “Mike Motley is a goddamn metronome. This band rules! Amazing song quality, tough-as-nails guitar riffs.”


Guest judge Eugene Whitmore wrote, “high energy, but need to reduce the transition time between songs,” while Mandy McBryde wrote, “Adam Hogg is one of the most unassuming rock stars I’ve ever seen. These songs are so good — they take you somewhere.”