Croissants from Mylo Coffee Co.

  • Croissants from Mylo Coffee Co.

It’s a wonderful week to be a foodie. Indeed, here at The Times and Eat Arkansas, we are all a little giddy about this week’s print issue. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, stop whatever you are doing right now, go out and get one. It’s an issue you will be glued to for weeks, you’ll probably want to frame it and hang it on your wall someday, and pass it down to your children. Why? Here’s a bit of what you’ll find inside:

First, you’ll want to scope out all the winners of the Arkansas Times’ Readers Choice Awards. We sincerely congratulate all the winners, and thank you all, the readers and voters, for your contributions. It’s an exciting time to be an Arkansan, and these places are proving that our food scene is far from stagnant. Eaters are demanding quality, and good works are not going unnoticed. There are undoubtedly dozens of restaurants in this city that deserve such recognition, and we hope to share with you some of these places in the coming months through this blog and through our dining reviews. We all play a part in helping our food community grow and progress and we hope you all will continue to contribute to the discussions and debates generated in our stories here on Eat Arkansas.

Next, you won’t want to miss our feature, “The 52 Dishes We Crave in Central Arkansas.” Here we’ve handpicked some our very favorite dishes from around Central Arkansas…covering everything from duck to donuts. Narrowing it down to only 52, one for each week of the year, was probably the most challenging part of this story. But we wanted to give a bit of a personalized shout-out to those places we felt were doing things particularly well.

You’ll also find a handful of featurettes on a few of the rising stars in the Central Arkansas food scene. These represent just a sampling of the youthful, adventurous minds determined to help shape Central Arkansas dining for the better. Check out these stories on Matthew Bell at the Oxford American restaurant, H.A.M., Loblolly Creamery, The Root, John Beachboard of the Big Orange/Local Lime/ZAZA empire, Jonathan Wilkins at White Water Tavern, Arkansas Fresh Bakery, and Travis McConnell at the upcoming Butcher & Public.

Well, now it’s your turn. It is Food Feedback Friday after all. Tell us what you think about the winners? Who do you think should have been included in these lists? Who’s overrated and who’s flying under the radar? As always, we’re anxious to hear where you are dining this week. So let us have it.