Cupcakes on Kavanaugh

Another week comes and goes for the Arkansas food community. I gotta say, it was a pretty spectacular week to be a foodie in Little Rock. I know I ate plenty of really spectacular food this week—I am constantly surprised by some of the talent floating around in the central Arkansas culinary world. We’ve been blessed with some truly inventive, passionate people in our community and I feel it a privilege to support them.


Once again, here on Food Feedback Friday, we invite you to share some of your experiences in dining around Arkansas. I, for one, am keeping meticulous notes on every interesting recommendation coming in from you fine readers, and though my ‘to-try’ list continues to grow to an unconquerable length, I urge you to continue with your suggestions.

Last week on Food Feedback Friday we heard about the “stock pot” from the Pantry and terrific Thai from Chang’s in NLR. I’ve heard multiple sources extol the virtues of the grilled oysters from Local Lime, which was also mentioned. We got the word on hot wings at The Tavern, the “Judy’s Favorite” from US Pizza. There were mixed opinions on Taziki’s, some delightful filet at Doe’s in Fort Smith. Many more dishes were mentioned, read about them here.


Lastly, regular commenter, Big Fun, and his wife basically lived the most incredible Saturday possible in Little Rock. You may want to follow this guy around this weekend.