Willie Nelson played in El Dorado Thursday, March 14 pic

  • Zoie Clift
  • Willie Nelson played in El Dorado Thursday, March 14.

Photographer Zoie Clift provides us with some photos from Thursday’s Willie Nelson concert at El Dorado Municipal Auditorium.


“Nelson is quite a performer — he started the concert with a large black cowboy hat on that cast a huge shadow across his face that hid his eyes but then a few songs in, traded that in for his trademark red bandanna,” Clift wrote. “A few times during the show he ripped the bandanna from his head and threw it into the crowd. Then he would put another one on.”

Nelson’s sister Bobbie Nelson took center stage for a while on the piano and harmonica player Mickey Raphael also had some solo time, Clift noted. “At the end of the show, Nelson stayed on stage for a bit to sign autographs — he was signing everything: cowboy boots and hats, ticket stubs, cell phones ( I guess the person didn’t have anything else with them). He appeared happy on stage throughout the show — a big smile on his face.”


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