The Stop the War on Women protest is Saturday at the Arkansas State Capitol pic

  • The “Stop the War on Women” protest is Saturday at the Arkansas State Capitol.

3 p.m. Arkansas State Capitol.


I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but the 89th General Assembly has got me madder’n a wet bobcat at a square-dancing contest. I mean they’ve got me angrier’n a drunken badger at a clown convention.

Actually, a clown convention is what these smug, “small-government” jokers like Jason Rapert and Andy Mayberry and David Meeks and Missy Irvin have been running these last few weeks, although with a lot less dignity and class and professionalism and respect for women.


If you’re feeling similarly, then you ought to get out to this rally and show your support. It might be the most satisfying thing you can do until we all get the chance to vote these know-nothing mouth-breathers out of office. Signs are encouraged, but sticks are prohibited. There’s more info here.