The Bernice Sculpture Garden

  • The Bernice Sculpture Garden

Attention sculptors applying to the Bernice Garden 2013 Sculpture Project: Art patrons John and Robyn Horn this year are doubling the award amount to $6,000 to artists whose works are selected for the garden. The award was $3,000 for the project’s first three years.


Deadline to submit a design for planned artwork is 5 p.m. April 15. Five or fewer works will be chosen and will remain in the garden, at South Main Street and Daisy Gatson Bates, for a year.

Artists may work in teams; the competition is open to Arkansans only. The work should reflect “the spirit, nature or history of Arkansas is a must to be chosen; a sense of whimsy is a plus,” according to a news release.


The $6,000 award includes $200 for the development of a model of the proposal, due by June 1. Completed artworks will be installed in the garden in September. The $5,800 must include all other design fees, materials, construction, installation, removal, maintenance and liability insurance. The artist/teams retain ownership of the artwork.

For more information about the Bernice Garden Sculpture Project or the garden itself, contact Liz Sanders, coordinator, at 501-617-2511, e-mail, or visit