The Little Rock Film Festival will screen Bloody Mama Friday at River Market Tower pic

  • The Little Rock Film Festival will screen “Bloody Mama” Friday at River Market Tower.

7 p.m. River Market Tower. Free with LRFF pass.


This looks cool: a rooftop screening of a Roger Corman flick that was filmed in the Ozarks and stars Shelley Winters, Robert DeNiro and Robert Walden, who will be in attendance.

Set in the 1920s, “Bloody Mama” concerns Ma Barker (Winters), a sweet old lady from Arkansas who just so happens to carry a machine gun and be a psychotic criminal mastermind. Oh, and she has four miscreant co-conspirators as sons, including drug addict Lloyd (DeNiro), recently released convict Fred (Walden), Arthur (Clint Kimbrough) and Herman (Don Stroud).


It’s all violence and mayhem and gunplay on the highways and back roads as Ma Barker leads her awful brood on a multi-state crime spree that can only end in carnage.