The Beast

  • The Beast

Dear Green Cart Deli,

You know, as well as I do, that hot dogs have been underestimated since the beginning of time. While many have brushed them off— only seeing them fit for a quick, uninspired bite at the ball park or a cheap and easy addition to the neighborhood burger burn and wienie roast—we both know that the humble hot dog has always been destined for more. There is greatness packed tight within that little package of pressed tube meat, a greatness waiting to burst free at any given moment.

Well, Green Cart. I’m happy to have discovered that you folks are taking the noble hot dog to new heights. You have opened my eyes to the opportunities that await any dedicated lover of the frankfurter…you are the hot dog that all others should aspire to be.

Recently, I was fortunate to partake of your offerings at the recent SoMa 2nd Thursday Food Truck event…an event that I didn’t think could get more pleasurable, that is, until you showed your lovely face. You were obviously a popular choice that night. Patrons stood stalwart in your line, patiently awaiting their own chance to bite into one of your hot, juicy links. Standing in line is no easy task, however. The line moves at a steady pace, and with each additional customer served, I moved nearer to the front, ever closer to that dreaded decision-making moment. What to order? Always a struggle no matter where I’m dining, but in your case, it was heart-wrenchingly difficult.

My mind whirred and toiled as I debated what I wanted most on my dog. With such a unique set of topping options, how is any sane human being supposed to reasonably reach a conclusion in such a limited amount of time? Hard boiled egg? Beef chili and Fritos? Memphis sweet barbecue sauce? Sriracha mayonnaise? Oh, Green Cart! Please don’t make me choose!

The Bear

  • The Bear

Yet choose, I did. And a fine choice at that. “The Bear,” a dog great enough to make any in Mother Russia swell with pride, came topped with crispy and sour steamed kraut, bright, tangy relish, and a hint of the pungent, anise-like quality of dried caraway. Finished with soft, creamy Swiss and your very own Russian dressing, this was a dog with flavors the size of Siberia. I did not regret my selection.

I watched my two dining companions devour their selections with similar gusto. One plowed through his “Beast” with such enthusiasm, he hardly stopped to breathe. I longed for a mere morsel of his dog, overflowing with bacon, tomato, dill pickle, house slaw, mayo, and yellow mustard. But alas, he annihilated his meal before I could procure a taste. Fortunately, the second companion allowed me a sample of his glorious “Ranch Dog.” I owe this man my life…or at least a handshake. This luscious creation was undoubtedly one of the finest dogs to have ever graced my lips. I was won over by the fried onions, chipotle ranch, and bright yellow pepper strips. For a moment after tasting this, I felt my knees weaken just a bit, and I was forced to sit for a spell. It was pure delight.

Listen, Green Cart. I’m sure Conway holds a whole host of virtues that keep you anchored there on a regular basis. But please, don’t be a stranger to Little Rock. I realize a mini-trip up to C-town would be entirely worth making to again partake of your wares, but I wouldn’t be hurt if you decided to show your face around my neck of the woods more often.

Until we meet again, Green Cart. You have won me over, proving once and for all, that the dog is truly man’s best friend.


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