On Saturday, April 20, the San Francisco company Purple Moon Dance Project will perform an interpretive piece in the gallery, “When Dreams are Interrupted” in conjunction with Wendy Maruyama’s installation and exhibit on Japanese American internment during World War II, “Tag Project/Executive Order 9066.” The performance will be from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.


Takei at Tag Project/Executive Order 9066.”

  • Takei at “Tag Project/Executive Order 9066.”

Yesterday, the exhibit had another visitor: George Takei, who portrayed Mr. Sulu on the wildly popular “Star Trek” television series. Takei, who with his family lived at the Rohwer internment camp in South Arkansas for eight months as a child and later at Tule Lake camp in California, is shown in the photograph above posing next to hundreds of internee name tags suspended from the ceiling in Maruyama’s installation in the Jeannette Rockefeller Gallery.