• Roasted “Poulet Libre” from Farm Girl Natural Foods

It all started, as these things do, with my running off at the mouth — and of course, my mouth was full. The place was Hillcrest Artisan Meats, and the subject of my ruminations was a hamburger we might have mentioned two or ten times. One of the local farmers who provides H.A.M. with some of their free-range meat happened to be in the shop that day, and while she didn’t introduce herself right then, I got an e-mail later that week asking if I’d like to do a review on some of her farm’s products. I agreed, with the understanding that she should be careful what she asked for, because I wouldn’t pull any punches if the protein wasn’t good. She told me she wouldn’t expect any less from me and told me to expect some samples.


The farmer’s name is Katie Short, and her farm is called Farm Girl Natural Foods. And after spending over a week cooking with various ingredients raised on her free-range family farm, I’ve become a convert to her way of doing things. From sausages flavored and spiced to perfection to free range chickens that roasted up perfectly, the farm girl behind Farm Girl needn’t worry: there’s no way this is going to be a bad review. Join me down there under the jump for a look at meat raised and processed with care, because these animals raised in a low-stress environment really do taste better.