Over the last few months, there’s been occasional discussion (and often lamentation) on this blog over the lack of exceptional biscuits and gravy in central Arkansas. This is an issue I’ve found to be rather problematic as well, and have often been disappointed by a number of respectable, otherwise decent diners. The crux of the problem does not lie with the biscuit—it appears that many restaurants have taken great pride in creating an acceptable scratch-made biscuit. The real problem is the gravy—and this has baffled me for years. Why? Making a decent sausage gravy is actually a relatively simple process. It does not require a long list of costly ingredients or professional-level cooking skills. It does take a little more time, perhaps, and therein we see the root of the problem.


Too many breakfast menus have been plagued by the use of prefabricated, ready-mix gravy for use in their biscuits and gravy. The results of this bland, uninspired mixture are often fairly easy to recognize when eaten; a pale white, gummy gravy with little black flecks of pepper, usually lacking any richness, any depth of flavor. One simply finds a pitiful, flavorless amalgamation—often decent enough to not warrant too many complaints from customers, but never really winning praise from any diners, either. I’m sure you’ve eaten the crud before…it’s practically everywhere. It takes only seconds to mix and heat—just add milk and it’s ready to serve! But we should refuse to settle for such poor gravy, we should be committed to a gravy that’s constructed with care, something that would have made your dear, sweet Southern grandmother proud.

Outside of your home kitchen, this concoction, unfortunately, is not easy to find. But rest assured, gravy lovers. I have found a gravy worth seeking out, a biscuit and gravy dish that, in my humble opinion, has managed to outshine all others I’ve sampled in central Arkansas—and this may be found at The Root.


It’s probably no surprise that The Root is doing this dish properly. They invest the time necessary into all their locally sourced products to ensure that what’s being laid on customers’ tables is always fresh, always flavorsome, and always made with care. The biscuits and gravy, a staple on their breakfast menu, are certainly no exception.