The Body recently signed to the Thrill Jockey record label pic

  • The Body recently signed to the Thrill Jockey record label.

The Body has a new three-song EP out this week called “Master, We Perish.” Reviews have been positive, with Popdose noting that the three songs “aren’t just punishing but incredibly unique as well.” CVLT Nation called the EP “clearly an example of the band revving their engine for the next full-length and it certainly lays down a haunting and invigorating gauntlet for things to come.”


Its run of 500 CD copies sold out in probably about nine seconds. The vinyl version will be available soon. They’ll have it with them on their upcoming two-month tour.

In other Body news, the duo signed to the Thrill Jockey label, which will release their new album this fall, which, right on. That’s a good label.


Also, they’ve released two ultra-creepy videos, both directed by Richard Rankin, for songs from the new EP. After the jump, check out “Worship” and “The Ebb and Flow of Tides in a Sea of Ash.” Probably you’ll want to skip that last one of you’re easily upset by imagery of awful things such as, say, a mass-suicide crime-scene investigation. Oh, The Body. Where will your fascination will all things horrific and gruesome take us next?

Tour dates are posted after the jump as well.