MUD:  Jeff Nichols and Matthew McConaughey image

  • ‘MUD’: Nichols and Matthew McConaughey.

Our regular movie reviewer Sam Eifling lives in Canada, where “Mud” did not open last week, so I had to step in to do the review. I thought it was great. Like nearly everyone else. But I ran out of room before I could get into many Arkansas specifics. The movie’s obviously filmed in DeWitt and elsewhere in Southeast Arkansas and stars Yell County’s Jacob Lofland. And those who know Lucero will recognize a few songs from Jeff’s brother Ben Nichols. Other things:


1. Graham Gordy, his face mostly obscured in the shadows, is in a really crucial scene with Reese Witherspoon’s character.

2. A Smoke Up Johnny song plays in a scene with Neckbone (Jacob Lofland of Yell County) and his uncle Galen (Mike Shannon), who’s into punk rock. And the Beach Boys.


3. “Brother” Andy Warr is in a scene outside of a mobile home for a split second.

4. Little Rock police officer Matt Hoffine plays a cop on the take.


Anyone notice anything else?