Marc Hatfield work, at Blue Moon

  • Marc Hatfield work, at Blue Moon

What is so rare as a day in May when you’ll need a coat for Gallery Walk? Bundle up anyway for the monthly after-hours gallery event in Hot Springs, where you’ll see:

Plein-air paintings in an exhibition called “Saving Our Heritage: Arkansas’ Historic Structures,” at the Fine Arts Center, 626 Central; new paintings by Marc Hatfield and raku by Kelly Edwards at Blue Moon Fine Art, 718 Central; paintings by Fabio Inverni at Gallery Central, 800 Central; Sheliah Halderman pastels and Teresa Widdifield paintings at Artists Workshop Gallery, 810 Central; and “Fresh Paint,” work by Rene Hein, Dolores Justus, Rebecca Thompson and Emily Wood at Justus Fine Art, 827 Central. Check out Taylor’s Contemporanea at 204 Exchange St. and other galleries as well.

Artchurch Studio at 301 Whittington is showing its final exhibition at that locale, “Artchurch Studio: Retrospective,” featuring artwork by artists who’ve shown over the past five years at the gallery. The gallery is changing its name to Emergent Arts and moving to the 4,000-square-foot Dryden Potteries building at 341 Whittington Ave. Emergent Arts will collaborate with the Drydens to offer ceramics classes, and the new space, to open in September, will include a performing arts studio as well as galleries and visual arts classrooms.


Rebecca Thompson at Justus

  • Rebecca Thompson at Justus