Jeff Nichols will direct Midnight Special for Warner Bros. pic

  • Jeff Nichols will direct “Midnight Special” for Warner Bros.

According to this item in Deadline Hollywood, Arkansas native Jeff Nichols will direct an upcoming feature for Warner Bros.


“Midnight Special,” written by Nichols, will star the young director’s muse, the intense Michael Shannon. Deadline’s Mike Fleming Jr. says the film was described to him “as a contemporary science fiction chase film.” As Collider points out, Nichols had discussed his desire to make “a 1980s John Carpenter movie.” Personally, I’ve got my fingers crossed for a combination of “They Live” and “Big Trouble in Little China.”

(Side note: Shannon was great in all of Nichols’ films, but seriously, if you haven’t seen it, watch “Let’s Go To Prison.” The movie really isn’t that good, but Shannon plays a murderous inmate who’s so terrifying he makes Anton Chigurh look like Stanley Spadowski. So if you’re into that sort of thing, there are probably worse ways to kill 84 minutes.)