The latest from the Oxford American’s SoLost series is from footage series director Dave Anderson got last year during the shoot for Jeff Nichols’ “Mud” in south Arkansas. Good interviews with Nichols, Paul Sparks (who plays main bad dude Carver in the film and Mickey Doyle on “Boardwalk Empire”) and Sarah Paulson (who plays Mary Lee, Ellis’ mother).


Paulson, in particular, has nice, insightful things to say about Nichols.

He has a real old soul…He’s very gentle, but specific. Very much in command. He’s very self-possessed, which I think is an interesting quality for a man so young and a relatively new filmmaker. All that does, for me anyway, is inspire great confidence that I can trust whatever he’s wanting or needing in a scene from me and trust that it is the exact right thing… I’d do anything for Jeff Nichols. He could ask me to do any part — big, small, toothless, peg-legged — I’d do it.