The Bad Years and Crooked Roots play Vinos Saturday pic

  • The Bad Years and Crooked Roots play Vino’s Saturday.

8 p.m. Vino’s.


This is rad: Vino’s hosts two generations of Little Rock punks Saturday, with a record release show for the forthcoming split 7″ (which, FYI, is the most punk of all formats) with The Bad Years and Crooked Roots, two bands made up of young dudes who were but gleams in their parents’ eyes back when bands like Trusty, 12ft.6, Chino Horde, Chalk and Econochrist were cutting their teeth in the early ’90s Little Rock punk scene.

The Bad Years side is represented by “Westbound,” a fist-pumping nug of Lookout! Records-style pop-punk that recalls Pinhead Gunpowder and explores that familiar feeling of wanting to pack a bag and get the hell outta town. Crooked Roots opts for a quiet/loud/quiet meditation on anxiety and self-doubt.


Also on the bill is The Canehill Engagement, a country/punk project featuring, among others, Max Recordings head honcho Burt Taggart on the drums. Max is releasing the record, which seems appropriate, as does the venue, which holds a special place in Little Rock’s punk history.