Mylos tarts

  • Mylo’s tarts

Welcome back to everyone’s favorite day of the week, Friday. I’m certainly glad to see its smiling face again, especially when it means we get to talk food, here, on Food Feedback Friday. Lots of great things continue to pop up around town, and we hope you are all getting out there and eating. The WLR location of Mellow Mushroom is scheduled to open its doors June 17th—think there will be a crowd? If its neighbor, Chuy’s, is any indication, the answer is most definitely yes. We’ll have more exciting reviews of some new restaurants and vendors soon, so keep yourself glued to Eat Arkansas.


Last week on Food Feedback Friday, mcmm was a big advocate for the housemade tortillas at Chuy’s (which I am also a big supporter of), stating, “Tried Chuy’s this week and loved the fresh tortillas. Anyone who says house-made tortillas can’t be done on a large scale/during a busy service obviously hasn’t tried these.” Susie Q gave us a spectacular synopsis of the new Vietnamese restaurant on Asher Ave, Mike’s Spot. Highlights she described are the Salt Shrimp and Lemongrass Beef. “The portion was huge, at least 15 large heads-on shrimp on a platter, lightly pickled veggies & a large scoop of steamed rice. The lemongrass beef was extremely tender, spiced just right & also filled a platter. To go boxes required.” I, for one, am very happy to see this place open, and we’ll be making our way down there as soon as possible. Numbernine was “not impressed at all” with A.W. Lin’s, stating, “Food was really not that good, in my opinion. I’ve had better at Forbidden Garden & for a better price as well.” Mother Earth had “a great fish po’boy at Mikee’s in Gulf Shores.” Slow Yeti partook of fried chicken and mashed potatoes at Sweet Soul, claiming “The skin on the chicken was satisfyingly crunchy, and the meat underneath was super delectable. I’m not a big meat eater, so this was a real treat.” You can read about all of it here.

So where are you eating this week? We’d all love to hear about it.