John McAteer and The Gentlemen Firesnakes play at Vinos Saturday night pic

  • John McAteer and The Gentlemen Firesnakes play at Vino’s Saturday night.

8 p.m. Vino’s. $5.


John McAteer — known to more than a few folks as Johnny Mac, solo artist and frontman for The Reds — released the album “Dark Houses” last summer, but hadn’t gotten to playing a record-release show until now (he did play an acoustic solo show). This one will feature a full-band lineup, with Josh Bentley on bass, Brian Bush on keyboards and Brad Brown on drums.

If you haven’t yet picked up a copy of “Dark Houses,” I recommend it. The album hits a total sweet spot hybrid of nervy post-punk and classic power pop. Check the blistering, epic “Cipher” or the slyly infectious opener “Waste of Time.” And the fist-pumping-inducing “I Hope He Understands” just slays, pausing for a breath in the middle to get set up for some blistering, bitchin’ guitar soloing. Seriously.


Opening the show will be Peckerwolf and Winston Family Orchestra.

Check out “I Hope He Understands” after the jump. It’s awesome.