Judd sculpture at CBM

  • Judd sculpture at CBM

Crystal Bridges Museum president Don Bacigalupi has written a come-hither piece about the Donald Judd work that has been installed on the grounds of the Bentonville museum in the Huffington Post. Bacigalupi says the work at CBM, “Untitled, 1989 (Bernstein 89 24), is what Judd called a “specific object.”


Judd called these mature works “specific objects” rather than sculptures or works of art, to indicate their distance from traditional ways of making sculptural art. These were “specific” because the artist carefully orchestrated their shape, scale, proportions, and materiality. And they were “objects” because they were fabricated — rather than sculpted — by the artist.

The Judd was acquired along with Andy Warhol’s “Hammer and Sickle” at an auction at Sotheby’s.

Here’s a link to the Judd Foundation website, where you can learn more about the “specific objects.”