Ian Park bowl

  • Ian Park bowl

Another Argenta ArtWalk event: Laman Library’s Argenta branch will host potter Ian Park from 5-8 p.m. Friday. Park will hand-build pots for the demonstration.


Park supports his art habit by working at Rosalia’s Bakery. From his blog:

After graduation, it was quickly apparent that I needed to get a job. Not just any job, but something I was skilled at. After a couple of interviews I decided to go back into the baking world, making cakes, cookies, tarts, etc… I now work at Rosalia’s Family Bakery and must say that this is one of the best jobs I have ever had. Rosalia and her husband are very respectful, nice, caring, and generous. I have finally discovered what it feels like to be treated like a human being in a job. It’s so nice, it almost makes me not want to be a teacher. I work with people from many different countries ranging from Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Honduras, Moldova, and Mexico. The language barrier is difficult sometimes but I feel my Spanish skills strengthening. Now, I am debating on not teaching for a year and waiting until Teach for America next year. I want to also work on finding a place to create ceramic work while working on printmaking in my very own studio apartment I will be moving into on July 1st. Very excited about moving out! Needing to spread my wings.