The Secret Sisters, the sweet harmonizing duo of sisters from Muscle Shoals, are playing a special show at White Water Tavern tonight at 9 p.m. 10 p.m. The cover is only $5. If you watch the video above — the latest in our series “Live at Fellowship Hall Sound,” a collaboration with Greg Spradlin and Camp Friday Films — you’ll get why this is a big deal. The Sisters, Laura and Lydia Rogers, have hauntingly gorgeous voices. That’s what T-Bone Burnett thought when he first heard them, which is why he executive produced their debut and did more hands-on production on their follow-up, due out this summer. With their voices and a T-Bone Burnett co-sign, you can imagine the group riding pop’s love affair with harmony-heavy folk-rock (see Mumford & Sons) to household-name status in the near future. (They’re already fairly well known. They had a song on “The Hunger Games” soundtrack, and they’ve played Letterman.)

The Secret Sisters image

Tonight’s show is special because it’s the kick-off of their tour, and it’s the debut of their new backing band, which features two dudes from Little Rock — Brooks Tipton (Colour Revolt, Bear Colony) and Michael Inscoe. Tulsa guys who’re familiar to Little Rockers round out the line-up — Jesse Aycock (regular collaborator of local producer and Boondog Jason Weinheimer) and Paddy Ryan (Colour Revolt).

The great Adam Faucett opens tonight.