ALL TAPED UP: Colin OMara and Grace McFarland, heading to Mount St. Marys prom image

  • ALL TAPED UP: Colin O’Mara and Grace McFarland, heading to Mount St. Mary’s prom.

Years ago, when we were just a few years out of our teens, David Ramsey carried a wallet made solely out of duct tape that I thought was fairly punk rock (I’d lived a sheltered life). But clearly, by the looks of Little Rock’s Colin O’Mara and Grace McFarland the kids of today are far more fashion forward when it comes to duct tape. They’re on some “Project Runway” action now. Their outfits above, made for the Mount St. Mary’s prom and a contest sponsored by Duck brand duct tape, took them 95 hours and 20 rolls of duct tape. Nearly every bit of them is made with duct tape, including Colin’s boutonniere.

The couple is among 10 finalists in the Duck tape contest. Voting is open to the public (though you have to log-in on the Duck site or via Facebook) and continues until July 8. Winners get scholarship money. As finalists, Colin and Grace are guaranteed at least $500 in scholarships a piece. Check out the competition.