Pepperoni from Pizzeria Santa Lucia

  • Pepperoni from Pizzeria Santa Lucia

Welcome back to Friday, friends. Where we meet once a week to share in our triumphs, terrors, and tongue-tingling adventures in the Arkansas restaurant world. Here on Food Feedback Friday, we’ve been lucky to hear from you all every week, and your suggestions have fueled us to get out and explore the world around us. We value your commentary and we hope you’ll continue to contribute to our little food family, here on Eat Arkansas.


So what were we talking about last week? Superdan (who is not my caped alter-ego, contrary to popular belief) found that the culinary highlight of his week was a visit to the Waffle Wagon. He states, “The chicken and waffles were the star — spicy, sweet, and, uh, waffley makes for a great combination.” Melissa “finally went to Chuy’s,” and had chicken enchiladas, and found “perfection” in the basic pepperoni at Pizzeria Santa Lucia. NeverVoteRepublican also took a trip to Chuy’s and says, “My choice for dinner was the Chicka-Chicka Boom-Boom enchiladas which were tasty. I’m looking forward to going back and trying some of their other entrees.” MEnLR tried out Three Sam’s BBQ in Mablevale and was not pleased. “Sauce was not to my taste, onion rings were burned, they should have never left the kitchen. At 2 pm the place was empty and all the tables were dirty. If I want to look at dirt while I eat, I can stay home.” D Burn is “tired of people praising A.W. Lins,” and was not happy with their lettuce wraps or mu shu pork. Numbernine took a trip to Hot Springs and sampled Nom Nom’s for ice cream, stating it was the “best food we ate all week! I wish they were in Little Rock but it’s probably good for my waist line that they’re not.”

I’ll be on vacation next week, but we’ll have our friend Kevin Shalin of The Mighty Rib stopping by to offer up some of his vast food knowledge to Eat Arkansas. But for now, let’s hear your feedback for the week!