Early August in Little Rock, and despite the relatively mild summer we’ve had so far, this past week has made me remember just what midsummer feels like. Oppressive heat and relentless humidity give way to streets that shimmer in the distance and car steering wheels that feel like gripping the reins of Apollo’s chariot — and only after a few hours in the sun. All is not lost in these arid times, however, because a temple of frigidity exists in a small purple building in Hillcrest: Cajun Sno, the life-saving sno-cone vendor that makes me feel like a kid again every time I dig into one of their frosty treats.

Sure, there might not be much to a sno-cone — it’s something so easy that they slap Snoopy on a hand-cranked ice shaver and sell it to kids. But a good one, like the ones at Cajun Sno, have something special. The ice is shaved fine, is never gritty, and the syrup is applied just heavily enough to flavor the ice but to not cause premature melting. Cajun Sno accomplishes this in spades — and for just a couple of bucks a cup.

Flavors are numerous at the sno-cone stand, from basics like cherry, root beer, and (my favorite) vanilla to more exotic fare like Cajun Sunset (a cinnamon-strawberry mix) and Tiger’s Blood (preferred by Charlie Sheen fans everywhere). Additional flavors like coffee, peach, pina colada, and bubble gum make ordering a flavor pretty difficult given that they’re all pretty tasty. Go for the old fashioned-style serving with a large dome of ice atop your cup — or do what we do, and order a much more manageable medium size in a large cup for on-the-go ice snacking. Either way, when the Arkansas summer comes with both barrels blazing, you’ve got a respite right there in Hillcrest.


Cajun Sno is located at 3000 Kavanaugh, and they’re open from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. daily. Mix, match, indulge — and most importantly, stay cool.