Peach Cake at Es Bistro

  • Peach Cake at E’s Bistro

You’ll find E’s Bistro right off North Little Rock’s JFK Boulevard in a modest retail strip center. The restaurant’s pedestrian exterior lies in stark contrast to the cozy and beautifully adorned interior. I had been to E’s once before and ordered the seared salmon, which I absolutely loved.


A recent night’s meal proved to be just as wonderful as our first experience, in part, due to our peach cake dessert.

I heard tell, checked out the chef’s bio, and read the reviews. It’s very apparent chef/owner Elizabeth McMullen knows her way around a dessert, and the Peach Cake ($6) is no exception.


The generous portion of dense white cake — with bits of fresh peaches mixed in — arrives in a pool of creme anglaise with powdered sugar sprinkled on top. The cake is both moist and flavorful, but not overly sweet — a characteristic I truly love in my desserts. Envision a cake that could be eaten for breakfast. For increased sweetness, you have the option of dipping each bite into more creme anglaise.

Other than the cake needing a slightly heavier dose of peaches, I found absolutely nothing not to love about chef McMullen’s dessert. And speaking of the chef, she actually hand-picked the peaches used in the cake herself at an orchard near Mayflower! Where else are you going to find that? I was so amazed upon hearing this, that I actually had to get her attention to check. It’s one thing for a chef to show up at a local farmers’ market and pick up produce. Chef McMullen brings a whole new meaning to “farm-to-table” concept with her peach-picking, cake-baking self.


But if you meet chef Elizabeth McMullen, it will all make sense. This is her restaurant, her recipes, and her passion. And it all comes through in her food. Each dessert is made fresh daily, and you can expect to see delights such as a chocolate eclair cake, a strawberry shortcake, and a lemon pecan pie, just to name a few.

Next time you’re at E’s Bistro, save some room for dessert.