Various venues.

A couple months ago, Rod Bryan told me he’d discovered a connection between the Mayflower oil spill and Syrian arms dealing. A few weeks ago, he dropped off a copy of the Arkansas Times filled with doodles (the man on our cover got a mustache and a sheriff’s hat) that had a note written on the back that said, “Dear Arkansaw Times, I’ll pretend that u r a newspaper if u will believe I’m running for senator.”

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A few days later, he wrote to ask why we hadn’t announced his senatorial campaign. A week later, he dropped off his new album, “Oilflower.” It’s good. Earworm-y songs about relationships and the Mayflower oil spill. Rod likes to describe his music as what bizarre pairings of musicians might sound like. “Merle Haggard backed by The Clean,” he’s probably said before. Here’s my stab at it: Say McIntosh fronts The Band.

To celebrate the release of “Oilflower,” Bryan’s set up a mini-tour of local venues. He’ll play a CD release party at The Afterthought on Aug. 10. On Aug. 11, he’ll play experimental music with “whoever shows up” as The Western Meds at Gallery 360. Aug. 12 finds him and his band First Baptist Chemical at Vino’s. On Tuesday, Aug. 13, Ho Hum will play White Water Tavern. Bryan’s described it as a Ho Hum family reunion, but fair warning, he’s also said it’ll mark the debut of the band’s new lead singer, Lynyrd Fogerty. Wonder who that could be?