Rock Candy is giving away two tickets to see Bon Jovi at Verizon Arena pic

  • Rock Candy is giving away two tickets to see Bon Jovi at Verizon Arena.

UPDATE: Congrats to Rock Candy ready Tami Curry, who won our drawing!

As you perhaps have heard by now, Bon Jovi is going to perform at Verizon Arena on Friday, Oct. 8. If there’s been a more obvious choice for a “girls’ night out” in the last year, (or at least one that doesn’t involve some combination of the words “Mike” and “Magic”) then I haven’t heard about it. Tickets go on sale Monday, Aug. 5 at 10 a.m. and run from $34-$160, find out more here.

Now, faithful readers of Rock Candy know that there are few things we love more than giving away tickets to go see concerts, plays, musicals, single-elimination ballet tournaments, kung fu recitals, experimental yodeling exhibitions, futuristic historical reenactments and so forth. We really do — we love giving away tickets to stuff. So with that in mind, we’ll be doing a drawing to give away two tickets to see Bon Jovi at Verizon. Noice!

Here are the pertinent deets: To enter, you gotta email me at robert bell [at] arktimes [dot] com (Aside: is this still a thing that we’re all supposed to do? Spell out our email addresses like that so the spambots can’t harvest them or whatever? Did they solve this? Does anybody know?). Put “BON JOVI” in the subject line. Put your name and phone number in the email so we can get ahold of you if you win. Also: you should go ahead and be a sport and only enter once. Entering a bunch of times or using different email addresses isn’t going to fool anybody. The deadline for emails is 5 p.m. Aug. 9. I’ll announce the winner on Rock Candy. The contest is not open to Arkansas Times or Verizon Arena employees.

And hey, just for fun, how about y’all tell us your best Bon Jovi-related stories in the comments. It doesn’t have to be anything super crazy like, “Dude, one time back in ’87, I met Bon Jovi at a resort in Cabo and we did shots of mezcal all night and ended up stealing Aerosmith’s yacht and crashing it into Def Leppard’s yacht.” I suppose it could be that. I mean, if that really happened to you, that would be awesome. So um, yeah, fire away.