The Arkansas Times has been singing the praises of David’s Burgers for quite some time now, but I admit that it’s only been in the past year that I’ve really gotten to know the fast casual burger joint down on the corner of Markham and Bowman. David’s is similar in style to chains like Five Guys or Mooyah, and while I don’t have anything negative to say about those places, it’s David’s Burgers that keeps me coming back again and again (and again and again). Maybe it’s the friendly faces offering samples of their house-made custard as soon as you walk in the door. Or maybe it’s the servers carrying around huge bowls of fresh, hand-cut fries to offer patrons all they care to eat. Maybe it’s that I’ve never had an unfriendly moment of service from anybody who works at David’s.

Well, it’s all those things, but mostly it’s those burgers — fresh ground, hand patted, grilled to perfection and piled with all sorts of delicious toppings. In a town where we’ve got some pretty stout burgers at places ranging from Big Orange to Asher Dairy Bar, the David’s version is the perfect example of a diner-style hamburger: savory, flavorful meat on a sturdy bun with a wide choice of toppings.

The standard burger comes with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mayo, and mustard, but don’t hesitate to get a little crazy with the inexpensive specialty toppings. Like spice? Add some pepper jack cheese and sliced jalapenos to give your burger some kick. Not a fan of raw onion? Substitute grilled onions and be prepared for bite after bite of richly flavored caramelized onions that add depth and sweetness to the hand-formed patty. Grilled mushrooms, various cheeses, or multiple patties — David’s can do it all, although I’ll warn you that I’ve tried to eat a double just once and could barely finish it.


David’s has locations in Little Rock, North Little Rock, and Conway, and while I’ve only ever eaten at the Little Rock location, I’ve heard nothing but good things about all locations. These burgers remind me of good cook-out burgers, but unlike those cookouts, there’s all the fries you can eat, brought to you by smiling faces.