art amiss natural state nineties image

The Fayetteville-based art collective Art Amiss, in collaboration with KXUA 88.3 FM and the Plastic Magic radio show, is releasing a compilation of 11 tracks of early ’90s Arkansas rock bands. The compilation, called “Natural State Nineties” will be available via the Art Amiss bandcamp page at 5 p.m. today. Assembled from Plastic Magic host Phillip Eubanks‘s record collection, the compilation features Cosmic Giggle Factory, Dali Automatic, Oedipus Cat Pharm, 2 Much TV, The Delta Angels, Baby Self-Hate, Grass, Shindig Shop, Blue Boy Orlis and the Stompers, Tissue Culture, and The Pranks.


I’m going to have to admit ignorance here since I didn’t spend much time in Arkansas back in the twentieth century, but color me intrigued.

From the Art Amiss website, here’s the details:


Listening to the compilation is free, but those who choose to make a $5 or more donation to Art Amiss will be able to download the songs in a number of high quality audio formats and will receive a 17-page digital booklet featuring band lineups, original song release details, and scans of original release artwork, photographs, and concert flyers.