If you care at all about the environment, you know that we can’t go on like this forever. We’re burning dead dinosaurs to go places, for chris’sakes, and that isn’t going to last.


Enter former Arkansas Times editor Richard Martin’s book “Super Fuel: Thorium, the Green Energy Source for the Future.” which is now out in paperback from Macmillan publishers.

In the book, which we profiled in a cover story in April 2012, just prior to Martin’s appearance at that year’s Arkansas Literary Festival, Martin discusses the new/old “green” nuclear fuel source Thorium, which can power reactors that produce just as much energy as conventional plutonium reactors, only with a fraction of the fuel, a fraction of the needed land area, and a fraction of the toxic waste (waste which degrades to a harmless state in decades, not centuries). They’re already being built around the world.


Definitely a good read, especially if you want to know more about the politics of nuclear power.