Kevin Seconds performs at Low Key Arts Friday pic

  • Kevin Seconds performs at Low Key Arts Friday.

9 p.m. Low Key Arts. $5.

With his band 7 Seconds, Sacramento native Kevin Seconds was one of the pioneers of melodic hardcore back in the early ’80s. If you’re an old punker, you might’ve owned a copy of “The Crew” or the “Skins, Brains & Guts” EP. You might even have a faded old “Walk Together, Rock Together” T-shirt tucked away in a drawer somewhere.

In addition to adding melody to the short-loud-fast formula for hardcore, Seconds was also one of the first punks to go the solo-acoustic route. While his long-running band is still going, Seconds is primarily focused on the solo gigs.


On tour with Seconds is fellow Sac-town native Kepi Ghoulie, frontman of the Ramones-and-B-horror-flick-inspired Groovie Ghoulies. That band broke up unfortunately, but Ghoulie has continued to pump out ridiculously catchy pop punk with a band and, yes, in a solo-acoustic setup.

Also on this bill at this all-ages show: Rad Posture and Maxine Meyers.