Forbidden Hillcrest posts a letter from Josh Blevins, owner of The House. The restaurant will close at the end of this month. An Arkansas Times reviewer panned the restaurant last week, with further sniping in the comments after the review was posted. 

After the jump, the letter from Blevins. 

On Monday of this week, I informed The House’s staff that our operations will come to a close at the end of August. As is obvious to anybody who has ever visited The House, our family—our current and former staff along with a whole band of loyal patrons—is a pretty tight-knit group of folks, so this decision did not come easily.

Restaurants operate on the slimmest of margins, The House exceptionally so. I’ve always been able to find ways to make us scrape by, but in the past month, our revenues have dropped considerably, to a degree that for a small operation like ours is simply unsustainable.

My immediate aim is to find gainful employment for all of our staff. I had secured jobs for most of our full-time staff before I even told them The House was closing, but the quest continues for a few of our part-time employees. (If you’re a potential employer for any these folks, give me a shout. They’re the hardest-working, most lovable, best crew in the business. They’re experts at hustling up-and-down stairs while balancing two dozen hot plates and pints of beer, that’s got to be a marketable skill. You’ll love working with them. I will miss working with them dearly.

On behalf of both the staff and myself, we’ll all miss working for the greatest bunch of customers in town. You’ve all been a part of The House family, and it has been a pleasure to serve you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for a tremendous run.

We hope to see you as frequently as possible during the rest of the month to make a few more memories together.

Most sincerely,

Josh Blevins
The House