Now you can get Rock Town Distillery’s Arkansas Lightning “moonshine” in red hot, apple pie, peach, blackberry and grape flavors. The flavors above were just introduced. 

Each of the new ones retails for $19.99 for a 750ml bottle of 40 proof. 


I haven’t tried any of the Arkansas Lightning varieties. What say you, Eat Arkansas readers?

Here’s how Rock Town describes the new ones:


· Blackberry Cobbler Arkansas Lighting has a taste reminiscent of freshly baked blackberry cobbler with a lightly browned buttery crust leaving a fresh, smooth finish on the palate.

· Peach Arkansas Lighting delights taste buds with fresh fuzzy peach notes with hints of buttery pie crust garnished with a light touch of caramel and vanilla.

· Grape Arkansas Lightning evokes a taste of real concord grapes reminiscent of the grape soda you grew up drinking, with a fresh, tart finish.