Seems like every day there’s another food blog popping up here in Arkansas, and we think that’s a great thing. From folks that cook to folks that just like to eat to people who grow our local produce — we’ve got a such a wide variety of blogs out there that it can be hard to keep up with all of them. Giving a shout-out to Arkansas food blogs is a tradition on Eat Arkansas that started back when Kat Robinson wrote for the blog — she actually included my personal blog in one of those round-ups not long after I got started in this food writing business. So without further delay, here is a by-no-means-complete list of Arkansas food blogs for you all to peruse — and please link any I’ve missed down there in the comments so that we can all get to know one another a little better.

*One World Plate: Hailing from Northwest Arkansas, One World Plate is one of the best sources for Indian, South American, and just about any other type of international cuisine you can imagine. The recipes are easy to follow, explained very well, and the blog excels at providing step-by-step photographs so that there’s never any question what things should look like when you’re making them. From curries to chimichurri, this blog has it all, beautifully illustrated.

*Bacon Selfies: Tumblr is a haven for niche blogging, and one of the best of these single-subject blogs is Megan Boyd’s Tumblr Bacon Selfies. Want to see pictures of people from all over the world posing with bacon? It’s actually quite enjoyable and hilarious. I first met Megan over some Mexican food at Eliella, and she’s the sort of person who knows how to have fun with her blog. You can also follow the Bacon Selfies Twitter feed for up-to-the-minute bacon action.

*Katie Connally Confections: I love everybody at our area farmers markets, but Karen Connally, owner of Katie Connally Confections has got to be one of my all-time favorites. Karen runs a blog talking about her often alcohol-spiked baked goods, and I urge all of you to introduce yourselves to her next time you’re at the market — you’ll be meeting one of the warmest people in town.

*Arkansas Mirepoix: If you want some great stories, you can’t go wrong with Shelle and Jason Stormoe and their Arkansas Mirepoix blog. I’ve had long talks with Jason about everything from Mylo Coffee pastries to blood sausage and lutefisk. The blog itself is a nice journey through Little Rock (and elsewhere), written by two of the nicest and most interesting people you can imagine.

*Delta Moxie: OK, so Delta Moxie isn’t a pure food blog, but it’s a well-designed website that gives a nice slice of life from what the author calls “LA” (meaning Lower Arkansas). How low? Well, Delta Moxie hails from Lake Village, which is just about as far southeast as you can get in this state before you have to start wading in the Mississippi River. My family’s from Southeast Arkansas, so I’ve got a soft spot for this blog — and it’s so well-written that you all will enjoy it, too.

*Lorrabeth: Paige and Brooke don’t write only about food, but when they do, it’s worth reading. The blog comes from Fayetteville, a town I spent several wild college years growing to know and love. Reading this blog lets me keep up with some old stomping grounds, and the photography is fantastic.

*Mom at the Meat Counter: I have learned so much about agriculture, farming, food safety, and the business of meat production from Dr. Janeal Yancey’s blog Mom at the Meat Counter. Dr. Yancey explains things in the meat industry from a scientific point of view that lays to rest many of the food scares that get reported in the media. In addition to being a scientist, Dr. Yancey is (as her blog’s name suggests) a parent, which means she pays special attention to the sorts of food that our children eat.

Like I said before, this is by no means an exhaustive list. I’m sure that many of you have your own favorite blogs that you want to promote, whether it’s your personal website or one that you read — please share with us in the comments. Happy reading!