While we’re generally very Arkancentric here on the Arkansas Times blogs, this story was just too disturbing not to share. Warning: those who have ever actually eaten a chicken nugget might wanna keep scrolling… 

Down at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, researcher froze, shaved and stained chicken nuggets from two national fast food chains. In one nugget, researchers found that the “chicken” was actually only actual chicken muscle tissue, with the rest of the nugget being “a mix of fat, blood vessels and nerves.” Dissection of the second nugget found that it was even less chicken: about 40 percent meat, with the lion’s share being “fat, cartilage and pieces of bone.” 


Don’t worry, though. The president of the paid shill group whose job it is to keep you stuffing your kids faces with Frankenuggets assures the public that the experiment’s sample size “is simply too small to generalize an entire category of food.” 

To be fair, however, Anthony Bourdain — who has eaten everything from sheep testicles to fermented shark to a warthog’s butthole (no, I’m not kidding) — tried to warn us.