9:30 p.m. White Water Tavern.

This Portland, Ore., crew has been causing palpitations of all sorts for a good minute or two now. A listen to more than 30 seconds or so of the band’s soul-steeped post-punk makes it obvious why Magic Mouth has earned such breathless accolades.

Singer Chanticleer Tru swings effortlessly from a smooth high falsetto to a smoky croon to a heartbroken wail while the band cranks out sweaty, tight funk grooves. The band’s recent EP, “Devil May Care,” was released last month on the Fast Weapons label and shows off the band’s range (check the slow-build burner “Mother Lode” — so good!).


The band is Bonnie Montgomery-approved (they all opened for Gossip on a recent tour), so you know they’re the real thing. Speaking of Montgomery, she’s also on the bill at this shindig. It’s gonna be a good one, you guys.