You’re good to your body. You get plenty of sleep. You hit the gym regularly. You eat your veggies. You’re avoiding salt, sugar, carbs, artificial flavors, hormonally-enhanced meats, trans fats, and saturated fats. Every now and then, you deserve a little reward, a small splurge.


So you wake up one morning, feeling particularly pleased with yourself, and you’ve decided that just this once, you’re throwing all caution to the wind. For the time being, the diet is dead.

You wonder, “What is the most unhealthy and gluttonous food I can put inside my body this morning?” Bacon? There’s an idea. Donuts? Now we’re talking.


Why not both? Shipley’s has got you covered.

Particularly the Shipley’s Donuts on Cantrell. Recently they’ve added a donut to their selection that’s so far from being “part of a balanced breakfast” it makes Jillian Michaels shiver in her Spandex. An item so mind bogglingly bad for you, while the expression is quickly becoming the internet’s most overused expression, one can only shake one’s head and mutter, “’Merica.”


Maple icing joins chopped bacon on top of a soft yeast donut. It’s not the best bacon in the universe; it’s not the best donut in existence either. But it’s there, together, living harmoniously for the pleasure of all who choose to bathe in its salty, greasy, sweet, and seductive light.

It was only a matter of time, really, that some Mensa-level, Nobel-deserving egghead developed such a carefully crafted concoction. Someone was sitting down to breakfast, enjoying a plate of pancakes with maple syrup and a side of crispy bacon. As syrup slithered over bacon and the two became one, there was a moment of enlightenment. “Put this on a donut,” the genius thought. And so it was, and we should be ever grateful

You can find the maple-bacon donut every morning at the bustling Shipley’s Donuts located at 7514 Cantrell Rd., Little Rock…just above the unicorn kisses, right next to the double rainbows.