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Now, see, there’s this young pop singer name of Molly Serious or something (her dad was a one-hit wonder country mullet-doofus back in the ’90s), and recently she went and acted foolishly on an awards show. She had some full-figured ladies dancing with her and she herself attempted to shake what the Good Lord had given her. I guess she thought it’d be clever, but it was kinda pitiful, really. Still, people got all in a high tizzy about it, as they are wont to do.


“Twerking” I believe is the style of dance they call it, but it’d probably look familiar to anyone who’s seen a show by Bobby Rush and his dancers, including the beautiful Mizz Lowe. You know Bobby Rush ain’t studdin’ Molly Serious or any of this “twerking” nonsense, so we probably shouldn’t give it too much thought either. He’ll still be bringing down the house with the ass-shakin’ rhythms and sweaty funk grooves long after ol’ whatsername has moved on to doing whatever she ends up doing.