Catfish from South on Main

  • Catfish from South on Main

It’s that time again. A time for reflection, for contemplation, for meditation. What’s filling your belly this week? What’s speaking to your taste buds at the moment? A time we like to call Food Feedback Friday. You run the show, sharing with us what you’re eating and what you think about it.


You’re probably all aware that the State Fair begins today, Oct 11, and runs until Oct 20. Personally, I’m not a big fair person, but I know some folks simply flip for deep-fried anything. If you are such a person, you might enjoy the preview Kat Robinson has put together over on her blog (here). She’s done a nice display of many of the foods that will be offered this year at the fair. Note: if you attend and happen to eat the “Mega Burger” pictured on her site, please send me a photo. This is a feat that should be documented for all mankind to behold, and I’ll do my best to help you gain some level of infamy.

For years, my colleague, Michael Roberts, has regretted the day he turned down a job offer made by the Food Network to work as Guy Fieri’s stunt double—a job which essentially involved eating atomic chili peppers, mysterious deep-fried road kill dishes from small town diners in the West Virginia backwoods, the occasional lamb testicle, and anything drenched in “donkey sauce.” He’d do the eating and then the real Fieri would swoop in a give a hearty, “That’s too legit to quit!” or “I’m on a train to Flavortown!” Sounded like a pretty good gig. I’ve heard Michael say at least a dozen times, “I coulda been a star, a real somebody.” But recently, he finally got another shot to appear on television in a KTHV segment in which he discussed the Little Rock food scene. He was joined by some guy named Matt Bell, who apparently owns some restaurant or something. They elaborate on the food culture surrounding central Arkansas and why Little Rock is no longer being overlooked by the rest of the culinary world and why we’re starting to finally make a name for ourselves on a more national level. You can check out his segment at this link.


So, go on and leave us your feedback. We’re all hungry to hear it.