Somehow we missed this. Last week, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel had on Paul Lewis, Jake Dell and JT Jumonville, the night manager and employees, respectively, at West Little Rock’s Colonial Wine and Spirits. Why? Because — as seen in the video above — Jumonville and Dell scared the holy bejesus out of their boss, and filmed it. Because the internet loves seeing people nearly wet their cargo shorts in fear, the video of Lewis’ rubber-faced reaction to the scare as since gone viral.  

In the interview with Kimmel, Dell said he’s been playing pranks on Lewis for several years, including throwing rubber snakes and live insects on him, and just generally jumping around corners and scaring the crap of him. Must be all that red wine that’s keeping the guy from having a heart attack. 


BEER BONUS: In the background of the video, check out that sweet truckload of Abita Strawberry Harvest