“Us & Them” — Fox’s American version of the British hit “Gavin and Stacey” — is essentially dead after Fox decided to kill the mid-season replacement sitcom before production of the first season could be completed. While the death of a sitcom nobody has ever seen normally wouldn’t cause us must consternation, this one happens to star our favorite Arkansas actress made good, Ashlie Atkinson.  

TVLine.com reports that the network was unhappy with the scripting of the rom-com sitcom. Fox will reportedly air the six episodes that are in the can, but won’t complete the other seven yet to be shot. 


Atkinson has had a string of supporting roles in her career, including guest spots on “Boardwalk Empire,” “Rescue Me,” and in the indie suspense film “Compliance.” She’s soon to be seen in Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” and the Bryan Cranston thriller “Cold Comes the Night.” You can read our Q&A with Atkinson here.  

On announcing the cancellation of “Us and Them” on her Facebook page, Atkinson thanked her family and friends for their support, saying: “I know I speak for the rest of the cast and crew and writers when I say we are proud of what we made, and we are glad that the 6 episodes we shot will, we are told, be seen by audiences. I have to say that, no bullshit, this was the funniest, loveliest, most professional group of folks I have ever had the pleasure of working with on television. I miss it already, but I know what I learned is going to serve me well throughout my life and career.”


Don’t worry, Ashlie. “Us & Them” may be gone, but we’ll always have Chunky Pam