Props to Travis McConnell for successfully funding his Kickstarter for Butcher & Public. He raised $8,960, almost $1,000 more than his goal. We’ll keep you posted on his progress in opening up the butcher shop/restaurant.

Also, if you missed Michael’s post on McConnell’s cooking/butchering philosophy, it’s worth a read, as is the epic comment-thread debate it inspired. 


Another reminder: The Arkansas Times is hosting a farm-to-table dinner featuring McConnell’s cooking. 

It’s Oct. 19 at the Historic Arkansas Museum, and it starts at 6 p.m. Tickets are $95 for food and drink aplenty, plus Arkansas music.


Menu: Lamb tartare and pickled deviled eggs; fire roasted lamb with chilies, herbs and olive oil; pumpkin and shiitake mushroom stew, Arkansas dirty brown rice; local mixed greens with carrot and buttermilk and black pepper dressing; miche rustic bread from Arkansas Fresh Bakery, and Loblolly Creamery Ice Cream. Champagne, red and white wine and Goose Island Beer will be served all evening.

Call or email Kelly Lyles at 492-3979 or to reserve a seat.


The lambs, from Times publisher Alan Leveritt’s farm, were slaughtered this morning and will be spit-roasted on site.