Okay, not really. But there’s a paintball place up in Conway running a “Zombie Hunt” that claims that. Paintball Arkansas at 558 Sturgis Rd. in Conway is advertising the event on their webpage right now, promising live paintball zombie hunting.  

That’s cool and all, but given that Arkansas Times and our reporting partners at InsideClimate News have gone round and round with ExxonMobil over the past few months trying to excavate the facts of the Mayflower pipeline breach and the ensuing environmental, social and health impacts on Lake Conway, the town and its residents, the website copy Paintball Arkansas is using to promote their zombie hunt couldn’t help but give us a chuckle: 


Recently there have been news reports of an environmental exposure due to an underground pipe leak in Mayflower, Arkansas. This hazardous material exposure has left lots of people with unanswered questions. The truth is the media has not been honest with you. Those that have come into contact with the bio-hazardous material have been reported experiencing neurological dysfunctions, genetic mutations, and changes in physical appearance. This can only mean one thing. ZOMBIES! The people infected and dying from contact with this BH-material, are returning to life as flesh eating zombies, and infecting those that they come into contact with. We need your help to exterminate and gain control of the outbreak. If we do not have your help, we will be overrun by the outbreak of the Undead…” 

Twenty bucks apparently gets you a seat on the “Zombie Annihilation Vehicle,” a paintball gun loaded with 100 paintballs filled glow in the dark paint, and all the petro-zombies you can debrain. Best of all, they don’t shoot back. They’ve also got the t-shirt. The Paintball Arkansas Zombie Hunt is open from 7-11 p.m. on Oct. 23-26, 30 and Halloween, and Nov. 1, 2 and 6 through 9. Call (501)470-4400 for more info.