In keeping with recent years’ tradition of releasing a new album on Halloween, Little Rock’s favorite rapper has a new album out today. It’s  called “Nerd from the Hood,” and it’s typical 607 — aggressive, stylistically diverse, full of dexterous rhymes. It’s fairly provocative, too, as evidenced by the song shown in the video snippet above. The song’s called “Kill Crooked Cops” and leads off the album. Six clearly anticipates and will probably embrace the criticism he’s going to get from people who’ll make their mind up about him and the song by only seeing the title. In any case, it’s certainly the most topical local rap song I’ve heard. Ernest Hoskins, Chavis Carter and Deon Williams are all mentioned.

Here’s what 607 says in the second verse:


Dear judge, I’m a brother
If they commit a crime against me, make em suffer
Before you hire a cop see what they made of, cuz they ain’t gone protect the people they afraid of  

Listen to the full song on 607’s bandcamp page, where you can download the full album. It’s pay-what-you-want.