My wife and I got into the car last week, and when she noticed the bottle sitting in my cup holder, she got an odd look on her face. “Were you drinking beer in the car?” she asked, slightly scandalized. Sure enough, the brown glass container sitting empty could certainly be mistaken as a beer bottle at first glance, and with a label across the front that reading “Tommyknocker,” anybody could be forgiven the mistake — after all, Tommyknocker is one of my favorite breweries in these United States.

But before you all get on the line to the state police and MADD, let me explain. I wasn’t drinking Tommyknocker beer and driving — I was drinking a Tommyknocker Strawberry Creme soda, one of four excellent flavors of soft drink that the brewery is now selling in Arkansas. I picked one up with my lunch at Hillcrest Artisan Meats the other day, and I was an immediate fan of the sweet, creamy soda — so much so that I’m not sure which I like better from the Idaho Springs brewery, the soda or the beer.

In addition to that strawberry, the soda is also available in orange creme, almond creme, and root beer — all fantastic. And while being made with organic ingredients doesn’t make all that sugary soda into a health drink, the high quality of what goes into each bottle results in something that quenches thirst with burst after burst of delicious flavor.


If you haven’t had a chance to wrap your lips around one of these sodas, I’ve just given you a nice excuse to stop into H.A.M. for lunch. Alternatively, you can head up to Argenta Market in North Little Rock to grab a four pack of whichever flavor strikes your fancy. Just be sure not to peel the label off if you want to drink these tasty sodas while driving.